Why You Should Try a Heat Pump for Your Home

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Why Heat Pumps? Consider Bringing Heat Pump Technology into Your Home Are you in the market for a new HVAC system offering higher energy efficiency and streamlined design? Maybe you’re fed up with your current unit not being up to snuff or lacking new features. Whatever your situation, choosing your next HVAC system wisely is…

Transform Your Home’s Energy Efficiency with HVAC Tips

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Seven HVAC Tips for a Greener Home This Earth Day As we approach Earth Day, it’s the perfect time of year to reflect on how we can make our homes more sustainable. Between energy efficiency upgrades and professional services, there’s something for every budget. Something the comfort pros at Simons would recommend is investing in…

Get Smart About Saving: Your 2024 HVAC Tax Break Guide

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Let’s Talk 2024 HVAC Tax Credits Hey there, homeowners! If you’re looking to cut down on high energy bills while doing your part for the planet, listen up! Homeowners should know about some federal tax credits up for grabs for anyone upgrading to more efficient HVAC systems. But before you try to figure out the…

Home HVAC Checklist: New Homeowner Tips

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New Homeowner Tips: Essential HVAC System Checklist for First-Time Homebuyers Why you should be prepared with a new home HVAC checklist. With so many things to consider when purchasing a home, it’s understandable that first-time buyers may overlook the importance of evaluating the home’s HVAC system. However, understanding and assessing a property’s heating and cooling…

Spring HVAC Maintenance Tips: Get Your Furnace & AC Ready!

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Spring HVAC Tune-Up: Why Furnace & AC Maintenance in Spring Is Smart If you wonder whether to schedule a spring HVAC tune-up as warmer weather gets closer and closer, just to ask yourself: how did my furnace handle the winter weather? A springtime maintenance call for your HVAC system ensures that both your heating and…

Your Guide to the Best Mini-Split System

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Picking the Right Mini-Split System for Your Home Smart homeowners are always looking for new ways to save energy while still keeping their HVAC system versatile. Those same homeowners might want to consider a ductless mini-split system! With the right make and model, you’ll enjoy greater energy efficiency without losing out on comfort. This is…

What the Blinking Lights on Your Furnace Mean

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Your furnace is a specialized piece of equipment with built-in methods of communication to let you or a service technician know there is something wrong. Like other appliances, flashing lights often indicate a problem. The make and model determines what these lights mean, so make sure you keep your copy of the system’s operating manual….


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