Furnace Maintenance

Central air heating system inspections and tune-ups

Whether you are looking to have a residential or commercial furnace unit serviced, Simons Heating and Cooling, Inc. is the right choice, and our testimonials can prove it. We have been trusted since 2006 by thousands of customers across the region to maintain both their air conditioner units every season.

Avoid an unforeseen break down of your furnace this winter, that often occur during the most inopportune times, by adopting our annual maintenance plan. When you are a maintenance plan customer, you get top-priority service, reduced emergency rates, parts and more. Join now and you will get a discount on your very first furnace tune-up and then your next annual maintenance will be covered! See below for more details.

Furnaces 101: Components of a gas furnace include a thermostat, a draft hood/fan, burners, heat exchanger, a blower and a flue.

A forced-air furnace heats your home through a heating cycle that looks like this:

  1. Natural gas or propane is ignited in the burner.
  2. The flames heat up a metal heat exchanger and exhaust out of the flue.
  3. The heat exchanger transfers its heat to the incoming air.
  4. The furnace’s blower forces the heated air into the ductwork and distributes it throughout the home.
  5. As the warm air fills each room, the colder, denser air is drawn back into the furnace via the return ducts, repeating the process

Central air heating systems control the filtration, air movement, temperature and humidity of a given environment. Specifically, residential furnaces will keep your home or business cool and maintain lower humidity levels to further increase comfort. Air conditioners can be centralized with ductwork to carry the cooled air to various rooms or generated from individual units that cool specific areas. System elements include a compressor, a fan, condenser coil, evaporator coil, and a refrigerant. The unit extracts heat from indoor air and transfers it outside, leaving the cooled indoor air to be re-circulated.

Furnace Diagram

Why is maintenance so important? All of these various components work together to make the system run, and therefore need to be checked for proper function in order to prevent break downs or unnecessary wear and tear. Regular preventative servicing of your HVAC unit provides you with increased safety, energy and money savings, as a properly running system naturally runs more efficiently. This provides you with a peace of mind that your system is running smoothly and safely and also that your carbon footprint is small! Plus, the annual services and professional cleaning can double the remaining life of your whole HVAC system.

What does a service technician do during a furnace tune-up? The tech will clean and check all safeties, get ohm readings on the hot surface ignitor and flame sensor, check all electrical components and amp draws, check gas pressures and temperature rise, and thoroughly clean and dust t he unit, including replacing the filter with a new one. Lastly, they will start up and test the system after the inspection & cleaning before leaving to make sure it is all running properly.

Ways To Keep Your Furnace Running Like It Should

What types of furnaces do we service? We regularly perform maintenance on both residential and commercial units of all brands, including Lennox, Samsung, Rheem, York, Carrier, Bryant, Goodman, Amana, Rudd, Heil, Concord, American Standard and more. Our technicians are trained and experienced to maintain or repair all types of systems such as central and ductless heating systems, and also heat pumps. No matter what brand or type of furnace you have, it is very important that regular tune-ups and safety inspections are performed, regardless of how old they are.

Difference Between Furnaces and Heat Pumps

Simons’ annual maintenance plan includes:

  • One precision tune-up, cleaning, and rejuvenation of your air conditioning unit, plus one safety check (early spring/summer)


  • One precision tune-up, cleaning, and rejuvenation of your furnace or boiler, plus one safety check (early fall/winter)
  • Humidifiers, mini-splits heads, upgraded filters and air purification systems may also be included in your plan
  • Savings on utility bills- properly maintained systems run much more efficiently
  • 15% OFF our regular price guide for replacement parts
  • Discounted after hours service rates- dispatch fees start at: $99, compared to $195 plus tax and hourly rates remain $99 plus tax (normally $175 plus tax for non-plan customers) *Rates are based on location
  • Convenient, automatic monthly charges- no money due up front or at time of service (unless additional work is required)


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Simons Heating and Cooling conducts preventive annual maintenance’s every season, every year in many areas such as Warrensburg, Lake George, Queensbury, Glens Falls, South Glens Falls, Wilton, Saratoga Springs, Ballston Spa, Clifton Park, and Schenectady. Let us service you too! Begin enjoying increased comfort and savings all year long.