A Complete Guide to Germicidal UV Lamps

Ultraviolet light was first used for its sanitizing properties in the 1930s to clean hospital equipment and tools. Today, UV lights can be found in hundreds of HVAC products as a way to improve indoor air quality. A UV germicidal light can deactivate a wide range of microorganisms such as bacteria and mold spores. These contaminants lower your indoor air quality, putting you at risk of sickness or respiratory symptoms.

To help you understand the full value of UV germicidal light, the comfort pros at Simons Heating and Cooling have created this complete guide to UV lamps. We’ll discuss how these lights work, the different types available, and how effective they can be for your home or commercial property.

What Are UV Germicidal Lights? How Do They Work?

A germicidal UV lamp produces UV radiation in the UV-C wavelengths, which have been proven to possess a powerful sterilizing quality. These lights are used for a variety of applications, including air, water and surface disinfection. Today, you’ll most commonly find them in water treatment and air purification equipment. Germicidal UV lamps are most effective at killing bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, making them a particularly valuable tool if you’re interested in controlling the spread of illness.

But how do they work?

UV-C radiation is effective at killing microorganisms because when the UV-C light encounters them, it breaks down their DNA and RNA. This sudden change in their genetic makeup renders them unable to reproduce and subsequently unable to cause infection or spread disease. The UV-C light also disrupts these organisms’ cell membranes, further preventing them from reproducing.

Germicidal Lamps Are Effective Indoor Air Quality Tools

UV germicidal lights are highly effective in the fight to ensure maximum indoor air quality. In fact, studies have shown that UV germicidal lights reduce the number of pathogens in the air by more than 90%. Furthermore, they are effective against drug-resistant bacteria as well as different strains of viruses. Such comprehensive protection is especially useful if you live or work with someone who is at greater risk of sickness.

These lamps are also extremely safe to use, despite what you may think about the side effects of UV light. When used correctly and installed by a professional, the UV light itself is restricted to the air flowing in your air ducts.

Experienced installers, like those at Simons Heating and Cooling, will securely fix the lamp in place so that it reaches all the air moving through your ventilation, effectively sanitizing the entire air supply over time. These lights can be used in tandem with other indoor air quality solutions like air purifiers, further improving your health and well-being.

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